Our process is simple, transparent, and focused on you and your goals. We are at your side through the entire home building experience; from planning to budgeting, production until well after your move in date.

/ Production & Building

Organizing the project and calculating the cost

Smart planning makes for an excellent home build experience. During the pre-construction and budgeting process, we assess the scope of the project, talk about your goals, and establish a realistic budget that factors in both labor and material costs. Our time and cost estimates are intended to inform you, so there are no surprises during the build process.

/ Scheduling

Making a plan to complete the project within a specific time frame

We work alongside you to create a realistic schedule that works for both the production team - and for your family. The schedule is complete with milestones for the construction crew, deadlines for our partners, and we build in room for any necessary adjustments or changes - this way, you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays or sudden alterations in delivery time.

/ Building

The team gets started crafting your home

The build process is about gracefully navigating production realities while artfully realizing your vision for your new home. Building and remodeling require the ability to adapt quickly to changes, foresee roadblocks, and plan ahead. And that’s what we do best at URSUS. You can count on a friendly team that manages information seamlessly and communicates clearly; this way, the process is smooth, stress-free, and result-driven.


Online, easy to find, and all in one place

We use an online system that allows all parties to view the same versions of schedules, drawings, contracts, and other documents easily and at the same time, without duplication or confusion.

/ Change Orders

Online, easy to find, and all in one place

Even with the most careful planning, change orders are a likely part of any large-scale build or remodel process. And that’s why we carefully budget and schedule your project with plenty of space and time built in if adjustments are required. This way, every aspect of the build process is expected and accounted for.

/ Cost Management

Ensuring the project comes in within your specified budget

You can count on transparent and predictable billing from start to finish. This way, you’re never hit with surprise costs, unexpected charges, or mysterious numbers. Our billing process is easy-to-follow and is designed to make your experience simple and stress-free. We give you access to the current budget every month. This way, you always have an up-to-date picture of what you have paid, and what you owe on the rest of the project.

/ Punch List & Warranty

We make sure you’re taken care of - long after the project is complete

You get 1-year workmanship, and 2-Year electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems coverage. We want to make sure that you have everything you need - even after you’ve moved into your new home. That’s why we give you full protection, and if you have questions or concerns, the friendly team at URSUS is always just a phone call away.